I would highly recommend Dr. Sharda Brata Ghosh at Saudi German Hospital. She was excellent throughout my pregnancy right up until my delivery. Being first time pregnant I was very nervous but with her experience and attitude she always gave me courage and treated me with ease. She never exaggerated the situation even during my labor time & during the surgery. She is just excellent even post-delivery too. She understands her patient so well both physically and emotionally.
I am really thankful to Dr. Sharda for taking very good care of me for months and still. For me, she is just an Angel.
Anyone can just go ahead and give yourself to her and she will handle the rest & you are at peace all the time throughout Pregnancy.


I want to let you know how grateful and appreciative I am for being seen and treated by Dr. Samir Yacout. The time and attention that Dr. Samir Yacout provided to me invaluable from the perspective of the patient. To be suffering and to see and believe that the doctor treating me cares about me and my well-being creates a confidence and trust that has gone missing in healthcare. To put my body and health in his hands and to be certain that he is treating me like he would treat his family, gives any patient a level of comfort and assuredness. I know that he has taken me as a patient and given me his expertise same as if I was his family. I know that if anything bad were to happen, it couldn’t be his fault because he has no intention but the best for his patients and their well-being (partly evidenced in his care, concern, and thoroughness). To me and my health, he is grace from God, and I am now in his debt.

My gratitude to a Doctor that has put me and my health first and has treated me better than any doctor before (and I have seen many). I am very lucky to be a patient of his and glad that Saudi German Hospital is now where I can go for all of my healthcare needs and concerns.

Thank You,
Geoffrey Smith, MSRE

It was a great pleasure to have my surgery performed in Saudi German Hospital, in which the most modern technology and equipment are available. I am very much thankful that I had Dr. Charles Badr Nagy who took complete care of me and in my opinion is one of the best doctors I have ever met. He helped me a lot to go through this difficult time of mine and was kind enough to answer all my question. The entire staff starting from reception to the nurses are very friendly and accommodating. Also, the cleanliness of the facility is commendable. Am happy that this big surgery of mine was conducted at SGH. That’s why I recommended SGH to my friends and they also regularly visit the hospital for all their medical needs.

I am really thankful to Dr. Charles Badr Nagy. You and Saudi German Hospital are the best and dependable to trust one’s life with.
A. J. Janolia

I had done my knee replacement surgery in one of the UAE Hospital earlier. It was a very bad experience for me because after the surgery my right leg was affected very severely. I followed up with my doctor number of times but no results happend for me.
After eight painful months I decided to go to Saudi German Hospital, where I met the orthopedic surgeon, they carefully studied my case and did some necessary test and procedure then after they decided to make surgery for the affected area of my right leg. They also prepared the latest medical equipment after studying my case.
After the successful surgery, I found that my right leg is doing absolutely fine.
First of all, I want to thanks, Allah and then I am very much thankful to entire orthopedic doctor team of Saudi German Hospital including nurses for their great effort and to get back my self-confidence.
I would like to thanks, His Highness Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid for (Al Saada) health insurance program for UAE Local. Thank you
M. Shamsi

I am thankful to all doctors in the ICU second floor where I found full support and attention from all of your staff members/doctors, hope to continue with the same high level of service which makes your hospital No. 1 in UAE. Very special thanks to neurology doctors and nursing staff for the perfect/honest attention during their duty.
S.Mahmoud Ahmed

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