Neuroscience & Stroke

SGH Dubai is one of the only private hospital having dedicated 11 bedded and state of art Acute Stroke Unit and neurological ward providing specialist services for people who have had a new suspected stroke.

At Acute Stroke Unit we provide

  • Thrombolysis treatment – treatment is started in the Emergency Department and you will have the rest of your treatment and monitoring on the Acute Stroke Unit.
  • Acute monitoring up to the first 72 hours, as required. We may need to monitor your blood pressure, pulse, breathing rate, oxygen levels, conscious level, and temperature.
  • Investigations to identify the type of stroke you have had, and possible reasons for your stroke. We have close links with neuroradiology and neurosurgery departments to ensure prompt diagnosis and treatment.
  • Early assessment and rehabilitation by therapists. We set some early goals for therapy which are usually related to feeding, sitting balance, and mobility.
  • High-risk TIA patients may need to be admitted to the ward for monitoring.

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