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Stem Cell Therapy For Knee Pain Dubai

Stem Cell Therapy

Dr. Sharmila Tulpule

Specialist Orthopedic Surgeon

Specialty: Stem Cell Therapy

Only Available
at Jumeirah Clinic

Frequently asked questions

The answer is Yes. Knee replacement is such a significant surgery, the recovery time can take months. One of the major advantages of stem cell therapy is that patients generally see a much smaller reduction in their mobility because of the procedure and it takes comparatively less time in recovery as compared to Knee Replacement Surgery.
Stem cell treatment has achieved positive results in over 45% of patients, according to one trial. Patients saw improvement in less than 6 months, which compares quite well with back surgery that usually involves exceptionally long recovery times.
There has been some evidence that Orth biologic injections reduce knee pain in patients by as much as 75%, which was supported by a follow-up study.
This experimental treatment uses bone marrow stem cells from the hip to help regenerate cartilage tissue in the knee. Studies have shown that stem cell therapy can help reduce knee pain and improve function, but it does not appear to result in cartilage regrowth.
Stem Cell Therapy

Day 1 Arrival in Saudi German Hospital Dubai

Day 2Physical assessment, medical examinations, and supporting therapies

Day 3Beginning of the main procedure that involves the following:

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