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In the course of life, an average of 30 scars develops in humans. Patient, with severe acne and stretch marks will even have many more scars.

Scars may lead to an impairment of the body and the soul.

Reference Center for Scar Care

The Scar Center Dubai is a national and international reference center for comprehensive Scar management, the first in Dubai and the UAE and one of the few in the world .

Holistic Approach : Scar Center Dubai is a multidisciplinary and multi-professional form of cooperation for the treatment of patients with any kind of scar problems.

Board-certified, world famous doctors : Saudi German Hospital Dubai has brought together the best talents in the healthcare industry to provide you with superior and world class medical services

Our doctors & medical team

“All under one roof” : Saudi German Hospital Group is proud to offer all necessary diagnostic and treatment options in Dubai.

Scope of service : We offer the full range of “state of the art” scar treatment at the highest level.


Surgical Scars

Acne scar


Scar Coverage treatment


Scar coping treatment
(Mental Support)

Our Doctors and Medical Team

Saudi German Health Dubai has brought together the best talents in healthcare industry to provide you with superior world class Scar Care.

Make-up Artist / Medical Tattoo

(Scar Covering)

  • Camouflage/Corrective Make-up
  • Tattoo
  • Rehabilitation (Physiotherapy)

  • Scar massage
  • Treatment of Swelling (Lymphatic drainage)
  • Compression Treatment
  • LPG (Vacuum Massage)
  • Why do scars appear?

    There is no scarless healing : The scar is the end point of wound healing (cicatrisation).

    Wound healing is a repair process, not a tissue regeneration, as the original tissue is always replaced by uniform fiber tissue – the scar.

    Wound healing takes place in 4 different phases:

  • Bleeding
  • Inflammation
  • Proliferation
  • Remodelling

  • Scar Formation: From a clinical point of view, the 4 phases of wound healing are divided into 2 phases of scar formation:
  • Scar Genesis: Bleeding/Inflammation/Proliferation
  • Scar Maturation: Remodeling
  • What type of scars are there?

    There a multiple different scar types: They can reach above the skin level (hypertrophic scars) or lies below the skin level (atrophic scars). Scars can have different shapes (linear of flat) and different color compared to the surroundings, i.e. they can be darker or lighter.

    Scars above skin level



    Hypertrophic Scar

    Scars below skin level



    Acne scar

    Scars at skin level


    Colour disorders

    Shape disorders

    What are the consequences of scars for us?

    Body & Soul: Tissue damage not only leads to an externally more or less visible scar (Body Scar) with functional, medical and/or aesthetic impaiments, but often also to an internal psychological trauma (Soul Scar).

    Body (Physical Impairment)

    Functional Impairment

    Medical Impairment

    Aesthetic Impairment

    Soul (mental Impairment)

    Psychological Impairment

    The Scar Consultation :

    The core group : A detailed initial consultation with Dermatology or Plastic Surgery forms the basis for successful individual treatment.
    • Patients with stretchmarks and acne scars are primarily seen by dermatology.
    • Patient with postoperative scars, hypertrophic scars and Keloid are mainly seen by Plastic surgery
    Very often the patient is seen by dermatology and plastic surgery together in a multidisciplinary context.
    The special Teams : Depending on the findings of the initial examination other specialists are consulted such as:
    • Physiotherapy (lymphatic drainage, manual scar treatment…..)
    • Radiotherapy (postoperative radiation therapy)
    • Internal medicine
    • Mental Health
    • Make-up artist/Cosmetology
    • others ….

    Treatments (Scope of Service):

    1) Avoidance : The best scar is no scar. Through the development of new (minimally invasive) surgical techniques (e.g. endoscopic surgical techniques), longs scar are no longer needed in many cases. Laproscopic Unit.
    2) Prevention/Suppression:
    If a scar cannot be avoided, it should be as less noticible as possible: Golden CET rules (“Dermatological Secrets”)
    a. Consult before scar (stretch mark consultation at 2 trimester)
    b. Evaluation before scar (early systemic acne treatment)
    c. Treatment before scar (scar suppression after surgery/injury
  • Treat a scar as early as possible (i.e. after complete wound healing 14 – 21 days)
  • Combined treatment lines are the best
  • Treat a scar long enough (“as long as a scar is red, it can be improved”)
  • pic 1


    pic 2


    3) Correction :
    If a scar is established, there are multiple treatment options to improve it. Very often several treatment option are used in combination. The choice of treatment option(s) is determined by the type of scar.



    4) Coverage :
    Some scars can no longer be improved by any conservative and surgical measures (e.g. pigment changes). Appropriate scar cover can make these scars appear less noticeable




    Scar Prevention

    Scar Suppression

    Scar Correction

    Scar Coverage


    Scar coping treatment
    (Mental Support)

    Scar Correction treatment

    Shape disorders C-section Scar,
    Surgical Scars

    Acne scar


    Colour (Pigment)

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