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[su_dropcap style=”flat”]I[/su_dropcap] am writing to express my deep gratitude for the care and attention my husband & I received in ICU. Myself, my husband & our family came to Dubai for a week’s holiday in March this year. Unfortunately my husband Robert became acutely ill after just one day. He was diagnosed with acute pancreatitis due to a gall stone ( he didn’t know he had) and was admitted to ICU on March 14th 2017.  Unfortunately his condition deteriorated due to the inflammatory response & following an EUS and an ERCP he needed to be ventilated as he was suffering with ARDS. He was in ICU for 12 days 9 of those on a ventilator. As you can imagine it came as a terrible shock to be on holiday for my husband to be suddenly critically ill on a ventilator. The medical care Robert received was. World class and without all the medical interventions my husband would certainly have died. Two days after Robert was ventilated my family returned to the UK and I was alone in Dubai. It was very distressing for me as my children had returned home not knowing if they would see their Father alive again. As you can imagine I was at times inconsolable.Dr. Bachar sat with me and explained everything to me again -diagnosis, treatment, possible outcomes, management plan not just whilst in ICU but after ICU the need for surgery and possible length of recovery, the need to stabilize condition and repatriation.

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The whole medical team communicated with me on a daily basis explaining what was happening reasons why and the outcome and implications. They also answered any questions I had and there were many. They comforted me when I was distressed and more importantly they made me feel safe even though I was alone in Dubai. I always felt reassured that everything possible was being done for Robert to enable him to recover. The medical team also provided my insurance company with regular updates about Robert’s condition which was essential. The medical team are only one part of the ICU team. The nurses were excellent too undertaking the nursing care.  Julie the Senior Nurse was also extremely supportive to me.  After Robert was transferred to the ward I missed the safety net of ICU the 1:1 nursing and the medical team. After a discussion with Dr. Bachar it was agreed he would be lead consultant for Robert’s care as his lung function was still compromised and he was unable to fly. Dr Bachar communicated with the insurance company so we could fly home 3 weeks after Robert’s admission.


When we were on the ward the medical & nursing staff from ICU would stop to speak to Robert in the corridor shake his hand and offer words of comfort and encouragement. It was truly the human personal touch not just a professional one. Robert required a nurse escort home and was admitted via private ambulance to our local hospital. Robert was very unwell and I needed information about some medication he had had in ICU Dr Bachar provided it. He has continued to be supportive to us and Robert’s recovery is exactly as he explained it to us nearly 11 weeks ago. This has certainly helped us as Robert’s recovery is slow and not without problems after his complex surgery 5 weeks ago. The ICU staff should be commended on the care Robert received and the support that was given to me during his stay. At times I am sure I was a nightmare relative spending 12 hours a day by Roberts bedside but the care and understanding from everyone was outstanding. Dr. Bachar needs a special mention not only his medical expertise but his communication and more importantly his honesty. It was his honesty about the situation that has carried us through this awful time – forewarned is forearmed. I will never forget that Dr.Bachar and the team saved Robert’s life and for that I will always be truly grateful.


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