Inpatient Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation services

Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation working across multiple areas including:
  • Coronary Care Units
  • Geriatric Evaluation and Management Wards
  • Intensive Care Units (ICU)
  • Medical Wards including
    • Respiratory,  Renal, Oncology, General
    • Acute Care Medical Unit (ACMU)
  • Neurological Wards
  • Orthopaedic Wards
  • Paediatric Wards
  • Rehabilitation multi/interdisciplinary Wards including
    • Neurological rehabilitation
    • Orthopaedic rehabilitation-pre and post-operative
    • General rehabilitation
  • Surgical Wards including
    • General Surgery, Thoracic Surgery
    • Vascular Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynaecology Surgery
    • Plastics, Elective Surgery, Trauma, Day Surgery
    • Women’s Health Wards

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation for Neonates/infants/pediatric In-patient referral may include :

  • Plagiocephaly (flat or misshapen head in infants)
  • Torticollis / head turn preference (usually presenting at birth)
  • Talipes (foot posture issues usually presenting at birth)
  • Muscle tone variations – low tone “floppy” or high tone “stiff” in body, arms and legs
  • Normal postural variations (e.g. in-toeing, bow-legged, knock-knees, flat feet)
  • Developmental delay (not reaching gross motor ‘milestones’)
  • Developmental disorders, pre schoolers who are not eligible for early intervention
  • Gait variations/abnormalities (concerns with how a child is walking)
  • Joint pain / back and neck pain
  • Neurologcal disorders including all types of Celebral palsy/Infantile stroke
  • Respiratory disorders with/without ventilator support
  • Spinal Cord injury
  • Orthopaedic/musuloskeletal post-operative rehabilitation
  • Your consultant (Primary) doctor will advice for the physiotherapy / rehabilitation session either once or twice/day as per your diagnosis ,until your stay in hospital and even after you discharged from the hospital, the later physiotherapy will be carried out in Out-patient department setting.
    The rehabilitation team leader or the Head of the department (HOD) then will be called and may carry out all or some of the following intervention:-

    We do this with you or with family members present if appropriate. The assessment provides information on your previous abilities and may include respiratory, joint mobility, muscle strength, balance, mobility, pain and functional activity assessment as per your diagnosis and will be mentioned in your file records. 
    We offer:

  • Assessment
  • Advice
  • Treatment
  • Management
  • of your condition which may be due to respiratory difficulties, muscle wasting, lack of mobility, loss of joint movement and lack of confidence. During this assessment we will discuss and agree with you/family member /guardian ; the aims of treatment, the plan and the expected outcomes.

    This is where we will identify your current problems, set functional goals with you/family member /guardian and plan treatments or management to achieve these goals.
    If you require equipment during your therapy session we will assess what you need and supply it. We will supply suitable walking aids (Wheelchairs,walkers,crutches/sticks) if these are required for you in the ICU/Ward and advice further for home use if necessary. We may assess for splints, collars and braces with the Orthotist if these are required as part of your treatment. We also will assess and refer you to the Prosthetist if you have had an amputation.
    We will either see you in the ICU/ward areas or in our therapy treatment areas on the ground floor. This includes
    • All advanced Electrotherapy modalities
    • Hydrotherapy Pool set-up for the advanced Rehabilitation
    • Gym facilities.
    • A broad range of specialist treatments may be used;
      • Posture and positioning advice and management,
      • Respiratory care and hygiene
      • Re-education of functional activities and balance such as sitting, standing and walking,
      • Exercises
      • Different types of manual therapy including advanced manual therapy
      • Assessment for aids and appliances.
      • Education about your condition, preparing for the discharged ,answering all your concerns
    You are encouraged to actively take part in maximising your potential and aiming to return to normal function following ill health, trauma or disability for other reasons. We continually reassess your progress,discuss with your primary consultant doctor throughout your treatment programme and modify the treatment plan as and when required or asked by doctor.

    Once the approval received from the insurance provider the nurse in-charge will inform the rehabilitation HOD to begin with the physiotherapy sessions.

    Massage therapy-its cash only service.

    Insurance/Fees criteria: your insurance provider will approve the rehabilitation service based on your diagnosis and your plan . In case of extended rehabilitation services payment can be made on cash basis. cards Cash service fees will be as per the modalities and treatment plan decided by the doctor and rehabilitation team . Rehabilitation services bill will be included in the final bill at the time of discharge .

    Saturday to Thursday – 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM
    Friday – 9:00 AM to 5:00 pm
    Each rehabilitation session will not less 30 minutes and may go upto 45 minutes.

    Following you discharge plan, the last physiotherapy or rehabilitation session will include the complete homecare and further management as per the rehabilitation plan of your diagnosis.
    An education leaflet/handout will be given as required by the treating rehabilitation team member Physiotherapists along with other multidisciplinary team members who includes :
    Doctors, Nurses, care manager, discharge co-ordinators, dieticians, plays an important role in planning safe and timely discharge from hospital.
    Any further assistance needed you can call to our 24*7 operator service and during the working hours on +971 43890063 / 64.

    Call for Information & Appointment 800 2211 / +971 4389 0000 : info@saudigerman.com
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