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Pediatric Liver Clinic (Hepatology) at Saudi German Hospital
Liver is the most vital and largest organ in the human body. The functions of the liver include controlling the cholesterol levels, eradicating toxins out of the body, fighting infections and illnesses helping blood to clot and producing a substance known as bile, which helps in breaking down the fats and aids in digestion.
Saudi German Hospital offers highly specialized treatment for children suffering from liver disorders and the associated problems that can affect the kidneys and small intestines. Your child needs immediate treatment if their liver has been damaged or injured.

What are the signs and symptoms of Liver disease in children?
Some common liver disease symptoms include the following:
Jaundice. A yellowing of the skin and eyes
Loss of appetite
Weight Loss
Severe Itching
Abnormal Bleeding
What kind of treatments of liver Saudi German Hospital Offers?
Our doctors at SGH, are already treating a wide range of problems associated with Liver in children. Our team of medical staff is providing latest technology and modern techniques to treat problems associated with liver. Our doctors and nursing staff is available to answer all the reservations you have regarding your child. We understand the stress and anxiety that you may feel when your child is sick. 24/7 assistance will be given to your child, and he/she will be kept under critical supervision and care if needed. Conditions that we treat are following:
Autoimmune Liver Disease
Chronic Liver Disease and Portal Hypertension
Liver Failure
Metabolic Liver Disease
Neonatal Cholestasis- biliary atresia.
Liver Transplant

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