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First Trimester Of Pregnancy

4 weeks : It’s now time for your period, but it’s not coming! Or maybe you only see a very light bleeding? You might be pregnant. If the urine pregnancy test is negative, please repeat the test after one week if you haven’t had your period yet.
5 weeks : If you did not know that you are pregnant, you are likely to discover it now because you have officially missed a period. please do a urine pregnancy test if it’s positive (congratulations!), and start folic acid with a 400 to 800 microgram dose per day if not started before.
6 weeks : You will start feel morning sickness. Don’t worry! That means your baby is growing well. Please visit your doctor; he will give you some tips and medications to decrease morning sickness sensation.
7 weeks : Your baby’s heart starts pumping now, please do not harm your baby. It’s a very sensitive period. Ask your doctor before taking any drugs. Remember that your baby is building himself up. If you still smoke or drink, please stop.
8 weeks : If you have not visited the doctor yet, please do that now. We will be able to confirm the foetal heart activity. That is a very important event in your pregnancy. The doctor might ask for some blood and a urine test as well.
9 weeks : You might be wandering if sexual activity is safe during pregnancy. The answer is yes. If you don’t have an abnormal situation like bleeding or amniotic fluid leaking, sexual relation is safe throughout the pregnancy.
10 weeks : Are you worried about your baby’s health? We have good news for you! We are now able to detect the most common chromosomal abnormalities by a simple, non-invasive blood test. This new test is almost 99 % accurate. Ask your doctor for more details.
11 weeks : Are you fed up of sickness and fatigue? The good news now is that it will start to retreat this week. Are you planning to travel by plane? Yes, it’s allowed but ask your doctor first. He will ask for an important test next week.
12 weeks : It’s very important to make an appointment for ultrasound examination between 11 to 14 weeks, especially if you did not have the non-invasive pregnancy test at 10 weeks. It is also the time to start taking multivitamins and Vitamin-D if you didn’t start yet.

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