Medical Tourism

Within few years, the Saudi German Hospital has established itself as a leading integrated provider of services and health care all over the Arab region, and the best option for many patients from around the world, such as Germany, France, Italy, Russia and Nigeria.

It is worth mentioning that the reputation of the incomparable medical tourism in Dubai has contributed greatly in attracting large tourist groups from all over Asia to receive high-level medical services at the Saudi German Hospital- Dubai. This is not only enriching the medical tourism, but also providing the tourism sector with an important investment resource of tourism that enhances the business of hotels, shopping centers and different infrastructure facilities like transportation and air travel services. Moreover, the services provided by the Saudi German Hospital – Dubai managed to attract many patients who used to receive treatment in other European and Asian countries known for providing medical services. However, with the almighty’s blessings and the Hospital’s competences, it emerged as a milestone and secured a prominent spot on the private health sector map. The nature of the cases received by the Hospital from outside the UAE is a bright evidence on the therapeutic efficacy it offers, which contributed in changing the medical tourism concept to the so-called “adverse medical tourism”.

During the last two years, the Saudi German Hospital – Dubai received a large number of the UAE citizens and residents who used to receive treatment in other countries yet decided to continue their treatment at the Saudi German Hospital in Dubai given its significant medical specialties underpinning the medical tourism, such as neurosurgery, cardiac surgery and orthopaedic surgery, in addition to that it is fully equipped with all the latest necessary medical equipment technologies along with the outstanding experience of the highly qualified staff.

The Hospital features a critical care center which is the largest department of its kind in the private sector, as it comprises 40 beds along with the rehabilitation center. Coinciding with the visiting doctors program that provides the opportunity to contract with highly experienced and reputable professors from different disciplines, the Hospital took a special step to bring the international expertise to the patients rather than incurring the heavy costs and the troubles of traveling abroad.

Taking a vigorous step towards excellence, the Saudi German Hospital in Dubai is witnessing a comprehensive development movement in all of its departments, in addition to the expansion it always seeks, as there is a plan to establish six sub-specialty medical centers that are intended to accommodate the maximum number of patients, as well as a medical area that accommodates up to 215 specialized clinics, and a high-level educational and training center. All of these achievements will make the Saudi German Hospital in Dubai a mini medical city and a single station that provides all the services and requirements in the field of health care.

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