A fleet of 24 magnets were removed successfully

A fleet of 24 magnets were removed successfully from a 2 years old patient by combined endoscopy and laparotomy. The child had ingested unaccounted number of magnetic spheres 3 months back and went unnoticed.

Dr. Kamalesh Pal, Consultant Pediatric Surgery

Dr. Mustafa El Hakam, Specialist Gastroenterology

Complex Mitral Valve Repair for young Lady

34 year’s old lady patient visited the Saudi German Hospital last year seeking medical advice for advanced Heart problems.

Consultant Cardiothoracic

Revealed severe multiple coronary arteries disease

55 Years old Patient was admitted to the Saudi German Hospital in Dubai after sudden Heart Attack emergency workup revealed severe multiple coronary arteries disease with Mitral Valve regurgitation and very low Heart function (29%).

Consultant Cardiothoracic

A huge tumor in the pancreas

55 years old lady with a huge tumor in the pancreas head underwent Whipple’s surgery, discharged on 7th post op day with uneventful recovery.

Dr. Farouk Safi Consultant General Surgery

Abdominal discomfort and weight loss

A 27 year old man presented with complaints of severe diarrhea, abdominal discomfort and weight loss for few months affecting significantly his professional and social life.

Dr. Agkop Avakian Specialist Gastroenterologist

Hearing loss and delayed speech

A 3 year-old child was brought to our hospital in  September 2017 with a complaint of hearing  loss and delayed speech and language skills.

Dr. Samer Sakka Specialist Otolaryngology

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