About Dr. Mousa Al Kurdi

Expert, with many achievements and innovative contributions in Endoscopic Surgery, Fertility, Fertility Sparing & Gynaecological Oncology. Worked for more than 30 years in UK, mostly in Cambridge. First as specialist in Leicester and Newcastle Universities, then lecturer and Senior Consultant in Cambridge. His innovations extended from developing new operations and gadgets in infertility and cancer surgery to several initiatives and programmes to advance science, reform health care and health teachings to helping reduce maternal mortality and death due medical errors.

Area of Interest

  • Prolonged Infertility
  • Causes of Failed IVF
  • Causes of Recurrent Miscarriages - Cutting Septum, Deep, Abdominal Cerclage - Intravenous hypertonic Dextrose to treat recurrent foetal deaths due to Reduced fluids around baby
  • Unexplained Infertility
    • Relocating high tubes & ovaries down to the bottom of pelvis
    • Balloon to open or dilate tubes
    • Reconstruct Hernia of Intra Uterine Caesarean Section Scar
  • Large fibroids, no matter how many or how big
  • Endometriosis, no matter what stage
  • Menorrhagia-removal of polyps, fibroids or the lining without hysterectomy
  • Early detection of cervical tumour-Video Colposcopy & Laser
  • Fertility preserving Cervical, Ovarian & uterine Cancer Surgery
  • Congenital, Vaginal, uterine Malformations
  • Laparoscopic Hysterectomy is possible – No matter how large the uterus
  • All tumours-can be removed by endoscopic surgery without opening abdomen
  SPECIAL INTERESTS: Reforming Healthcare & Health Teaching in MENA Region is a Necessity & a Duty
  • We believe that health services and health teaching will not properly improve or reform without the adoption of Evidence Based Practice and Guidelines or without establishing organisation to oversee the transition, to adopt the guidelines, train health personnel on its use and monitor its progress. We follow in our practice and surgeries the most up to date British & American Evidence Based Guidelines.
  • Rescue cervical stitch / cerclage While working as lecturer in Cambridge University I performing successfully a rescue cervical stitch for second twin at 26 weeks in 1980 resulting in prolonging intra uterine life of the second twin by 4 weeks. Although, both babies survived but this encouraged us to treat the rescue stitch in over 50 singleton pregnancies in UK and Middle East with exceptional success.
  • Call-out Surgery in Obstetric and Gynaecological catastrophic haemorrhages I have been helping colleagues in managing life-threatening catastrophic haemorrhage, by performing Caesarean hysterectomy, ligating internal iliac arteries +_ uterine and ovarian arteries and pre-sacral plexus, repairing damage to pelvic organs, and resecting extensive unexpected tumours.
  • Oppose unnecessary hysterectomy? Hysterectomy even without removing ovaries causes’ long term serious risks compared to conservative removal of fibroids or endometriosis without hysterectomy
    • Risk of heart disease: Up 33 percent. But associated with 4.6-fold higher risk of Congestive heart failure and 2.5-fold greater risk of coronary artery disease Mayo Clinic 2018
    • Urinary incontinence in women increases 60% at age of 60 or in later in life American review 2000
    • Risk of osteoporosis 1.84 times due to premature loss of ovarian’ function as result of cutting ovarian blood supply from the uterus. Am Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology 2019
    • Sexual Dysfunction and dyspareunia: doubled following hysterectomised Brazilian Journal Review 2020 No Need for Hysterectomy except for large Malignancy or life threatening Catastrophic Haemorrhage


  • MD Damascus University 1972
  • MRCOG, London UK 1979, Membership of the Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists
  • FRCOG, London UK 1991 Fellow, of the Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists
  • Colposcopy Trainer by BSCCP UK, since 1980
  • Trainer for Master (MSc) in Endoscopic Surgery-The Royal Surrey University Hospital, UK


More than 40 Years


British - Syrian

Language Spoken

English, Arabic

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