Consultant Vascular Surgeon

About Dr. Mohamed Raafat Okelah After graduating from Ain Shams University, Cario training as vascular surgery resident in Ain Shams University hospital till finishing the Master degree, Enrolled in post graduate studies, he finished his MD in vascular & endovascular surgery form Ain Shams University in cario, during that time obtained MRCS, England and joined vascular and endovascular department in Egypt air hospital were handling complex aortic cases and a variety of venous and arterial diseases. He also obtain fellowship of peripheral endovascular and interventional from Kiel, Germany (FEIN) and Brunkwall Cologne Aortic Grafting Fellowship, Cologne, Germany (BCAGF).
  • Expert in managing vascular disease endovascularly without surgery.
  • The First and most user in the Middle East of Intra-Vascular Ultra Sound (IVUS) in management of complex vascular disease.
  • Treatment of lower limb swelling and pain due to DVT with immediate removal of the thrombus.
  • Endovascular revascularization of lower limb arteries and limb salvage without surgery to avoid amputation.
  • Expert in Diagnosing and advanced endovascular management (without surgery) of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm even in emergency.
  • Diabetic foot, ulcer, limb salvage.
  • Injection of varicose veins and ablation with radio frequency.
  • Aortic Arewysms and occlusive disease.
  • Carotid Artery Endarterectomy and stenting
  • Peripheral vascular disease surgical and Endo.
  • Portcath for chemotherapy.
  • Management of vascular access and its complication
  • Managing of pelvic venous compression, DVT and removal of thrombus.
  • M.D in Vascular Surgery
  • MRCS
  • Fellowship of Peripheral Endovascular Intervention – FEIN
  • Master Degree in General Surgery.
  • MBB.Ch
  • More than 10 Years
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