Specialist Interventional Cardiologist

About Dr. Hazem Ismail Elguindi
Dr. Hazem was graduated from Cairo University and joined the Critical care Department of Cairo University for 8 years, then joined the Cardiology Department of Azhar University in Cairo where he became a professor of Cardiology. He got his doctorate degree in Cardiology in 1992 and at that time started an Interventional fellow career.He is the Director of Cath Lab at Misr International Hospital, Consultant interventional cardiology at DAR FOAD Hospital in Cairo and lately Chairman of Cardiology Department at Misr University for science and technology Cairo. He was the leading interventional Cardiologist at Prince Sabah Ahmed Cardiac centre in Kuwait.

  • Main Interest in the field of Cardiovascular Intervention:
  • Primarily Radial operator
  • Coronary artery interventions including complex forms of intervention: Left main disease, Bifurcation lesions, Chronic total occlusion with antegrade and Retrograde recanalization. Rotablation (certified rotablator operator).
  • Peripheral Arterial intervention, Carotid artery Stenting, renal artery Stenting.
  • Implantation of IVC filter.
  • Percutaneous Balloon Valvuloplasty
  • Doctorate Degree in Cardiology
  • M.D in Internal Medicine and Surgery
  • MBB.Ch
  • More than 20 Years
    English & Arabic
    Saudi German Hospital Doctor

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