Specialist Pediatrician

I have had more than 25 years of experience in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and UAE. My aim is to develop compassionate yet productive care to my patients. For me, child-centred care means placing the parent’s concerns and the child’s comfort at the forefront of my investigations. I have been an Associate Professor of Pediatrics since 2005, which led me to publish several articles in renowned international medical journals. During my time at Mansoura University, my pediatric rotational rounds were in subspecialty clinics in Allergy and Immunology, Hematology and Oncology, Neonatology, Gastro-enterology and Hepatology, Nephrology and Neurology. Drawing on my practical experience, the topic of my Master’s thesis was Insulin like Growth Factor – II in Chronic Liver Disease in Pediatrics. My investigation into chronic liver diseases was driven by my own personal and professional exposure to an epidemic of problematic liver cases in Egypt. During my tenure as an Assistant Lecturer of Pediatrics from 1996 to 2000, I became interested in exploring a wide range of allergic disorders in children. My interests underpinned my MD thesis, entitled Interleukin – 4 Gene Expressions and Adhesion Molecule Profile in Children with Different Types of Allergy, i.e. asthma, allergic rhinitis and atopic dermatitis. My 25+ years of clinical experience were built upon an amalgamation of practice and theory of managing allergic disorders. My work as a Consultant Pediatrician in Saudi Arabia and Egypt meant being exposed to a wide range of problematic cases. However, I believe that there needs to be a universal protocol to managing child cases. To keep up with the ever-changing nature of these protocols, I have attended a number of International Pediatric conferences in Europe and published a plethora of articles in numerous journals. My fascination with pediatric respiratory disease and allergies also drove me to undertake a Pediatric Bronchoscopy course with ERS (European Respiratory Society).
  • Provide a full spectrum of General pediatrics and adolescent medicine.
  • Well baby visit and developmental assessment
  • All Kind of Vaccination for routine care and travel
  • Highly experience in pediatric allergies, respiratory disease
    • Diagnosis and treatment of different type of allergies skin, respiratory and food allergies (milk, peanut, wheat, egg etc.)
    • Skin prick test for food & respiratory allergies
    • Immunotherapy for allergies
    • All Pediatric asthma, Atopic dermatitis and Immunology and allergic rhinitis.
    • Pulmonary function tests and interpretation
    • Management of all types of urticaria, angioedema and anaphylaxis
  • Management of all types of pediatric emergencies.
  • MBBCH, Mansoura University (Egypt)
  • M.Sc. Pediatrics, Mansoura University (Egypt)
  • MD, Ph.D. Pediatrics, Mansoura University (Egypt)
  • Associate professor Pediatrics, Mansoura University Children Hospital (Egypt)
  • Membership of Egyptian Pediatric Society of Asthma and Immunology
  • Consultant Pediatrician in Saudi Arabia
  • Consultant Pediatrician in MOH Egypt.
  • More than 25 Years
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